Saturday, December 25, 2010


Christmas time!!! Ah it’s the best time of the year; the time for giving, forgiving, being considerate and loving to one another, and of course being happy for no absolute reason.

“Everything is more beautiful on Christmas, life is worth living, the colors are brighter!”

“On Christmas I can forgive the ones who have hurt me, I can feel compassion, kindness, and sympathy towards my fellow human beings…”

OK!!! Wait just a freaking minute here!!!

Does nobody else but me see how messed up our species is? Not to be negative or anything, or maybe just to be exactly that, I agree that during Christmas all of the above is true and it warms my soul, if such thing existed, that it is; however, I cannot also help but notice the hypocrisy, the mechanical habits, and the human need for being controlled in this holiday.

We have gone beyond absurdity. We actually have a specific date for feeling some of the most basic, innate emotions that reside in us. This is ridiculous, made only more preposterous by the fact that this does not come naturally to us, it is an illusion. This is a forced habit. Somewhere, a very long time ago, some organization decided to take hold of this pagan ritualistic day and transform it to a “day for love and joy” of course preferably expressed towards people of the same faith, and it became the exact opposite of optional...

If on Christmas you feel that life is worth living, you let go of the grudges that you once held, and you show love towards others why can’t you do it hmmm let’s see….EVERY OTHER FUCKING DAY OF YOUR LIFE??!! Are you afraid that it would lose its excitement or its spark? Do you fear it will become another habit? Now you decide to rage against the status quo?

You would like me to finish this off with a sentence that may make some people think about all this and somehow try to be better, but that wouldn’t be me. Instead I will end this with a quote by the late George Carlin:

“Dusting is a good example of the futility of trying to put things right. As soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has already been established.”

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

god Is Noise

It is argued that evil, cold, and darkness do not exist. Evil is the absence of good. Cold is the absence of heat. Darkness is the absence of light. It is also argued that god created everything and one usually puts itself in its creations; therefore, god is good, warm, and apparently shiny.

Following that logic, can god be all the states that, when absent, become their nonexistent opposite? Can he/she/it be one and the same with war and noise? After all, peace and quiet are the absence of those respectively…

Just a small note to make you think, but don’t think too much for reason is the enemy of faith. Poor fellow, it's hard enough to try to be perfect, let alone have people like me around playing with logic all the time...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Isn't It Strange?

--Isn’t it strange how when you are expecting a certain call from a certain someone, different calls from everybody else start pouring in? People from your distant past strangely remember you on that exact day, in that exact minute. Every delightful telemarketer rings you up to sell you their wonderful product. Every person in the entire world who is dialing a number somehow gets it wrong and the combination forms your number!

--Isn’t it strange how you can never notice the actual second during which you fall asleep; nor can you schedule it either?

--Isn’t it strange how it is always better to gain than to lose, except when it comes to weight and stress? Nobody seems to want them…

--Isn’t it strange how love, a supposedly real, mutual phenomenon, or act, or feeling, or call it whatever you want, could be so one-sided? You could be madly in love with your one and only, while on the other hand, that one and only does not seem to notice your presence!

--Isn’t it strange how some plastic water containers, you know the ones that feed water coolers, have a warning label on them that actually asks the consumer to store them in some dry place away from humidity? Excuse me, but…what’s more humid than water?!?!

--Isn’t it strange how messed up children are when it comes to bed and going to sleep? They never seem to want to go to bed, but then again they don’t want to wake up and get out of it either…Make up your mind!

--Isn’t it strange how you never see feet whiffing flowers in the park or a nose marathon? And the reason of it escapes me. In English, the rules clearly allow the use of “a nose is running” and “feet smell”!! Someone is missing an opportunity…

--Isn’t it strange how while driving, when a car cuts you off, most of the times you can see a scratch, a small or a huge dent, a broken light, etc. on that same side heading recklessly towards you? Some people never learn, do they?

--Isn’t it strange how the people who their work requires them to spend most of their time driving are usually the worst drivers?

--Isn’t it strange how every artist keeps saying that art is being degraded, that it’s not as good as it used to be before, but never assumes any responsibility for it? OK wait a minute, so if you’re not to blame, and you’re not to blame, and you definitely are not to blame, then who is??!! Is art intentionally doing this to itself? Could it perhaps be self-destructive?

--Isn’t it strange how without the crack and asshole, an ass would just be another continuation of your back? Kinda takes the negativity out of calling someone an asshole doesn’t it? Don’t go checking those mirrors now!!

--Isn’t it strange how one can never see himself/herself blinking both eyes in the mirror?

--Isn’t it strange how one can never touch his/her right armpit to his/her left armpit?

--Isn’t it strange how one can never eat his/her own head?

--Isn’t it strange how the above 3 points just proved that some things are actually impossible and that the cute phrase “Even Impossible says I’m Possible” is actually extremely irritating and horribly annoying?

--Isn’t it strange how many strange things you could notice if you really paid attention to your surroundings?

Not really, that’s very normal…

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Slavery Is The Key

"Freedom is having nothing left to lose."

"Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose."

"Tan solo seremos libres cuando no haya màs que perder."

All are sentences that one hears or reads everywhere when trying to define freedom. True freedom; freedom of the mind and not that financial or territorial freedom crap. Financial freedom is slavery to money and possessions. Territorial freedom is freedom within borders. Both of which are not true because one has to fight for them or earn them rendering one's freedom attached to another's approval or loss or death, etc.

So we learn that in order to have freedom, one must have nothing. And we go on chasing that notion.

But doesn't having freedom count for having something? It does.

So where does this leave us?

With this:
In order to truly be free, one must lose everything, including freedom.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things Not To Be Proud Of

--Knowing someone big and famous
--Not being able to describe yourself without mentioning what you do for a living
--Claiming you would do anything for money
--Having a bodyguard
--Not having anyone who hates you
--Being born with a nationality
--Being on a hospital’s “Preferred Customers” list
--Being on a mechanic’s “Preferred Customers” list
--Electing the same politician that was screwing you last night
--Not being able to discuss anything outside politics
--Repeating something you heard or read somewhere and claiming it as your own opinion
--Following someone you think is a leader blindly
--Accepting the general opinion as ultimate truth
--Needing public announcements to tell you that a crossing bridge is made for crossing highways
--Needing a policeman at each intersection to help the traffic lights control the traffic
--Having the TV as your sole source of information
--Choosing the lesser of two evils while you could go for the good with a little bit of effort
--Thinking you’re important because you own expensive things
--Having the need to hear yourself talking all the time
--Having to wait for me to publish this list to notice its contents

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bothered But That Does Not Matter

- Does it bother you that most people can communicate only through lies?
- Does it bother you that most people prefer to hear lies over the truth, even when talking to themselves?
- Does it bother you that we as humans live and breathe through communicating and yet still have not mastered this art?
- Does it bother you that the speakers in the name of this god that supposedly created us with love are the ones behind our own demise as civilized beings?
- Does it bother you that being bothered is a virtual intangible thing?
- Does it bother you that you spend most of your time doing stuff that do not matter?
- Does it bother you that all that I have said so far does not matter?

- Does it matter to know that we have polluted space?
- Does it matter to come up with the perfect plan to clean space up when we still have not come up with a plan to care for one another?
- Does it matter to be able to draw up on 5500 years (roughly) on written thoughts and history when these surviving documents have been written only by the survivors?
- Does it matter if god created man to his image or man created god to his image when the events of every day would still be the same either way?
- Does it matter to people I do not know if they heard of my death?
- Does it matter if I made all these remarks and still did not want to do anything about them?
- Does it matter if I used the religiously inflated number "7" in both sets of questions?

Probably not...

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