Thursday, November 18, 2010

Isn't It Strange?

--Isn’t it strange how when you are expecting a certain call from a certain someone, different calls from everybody else start pouring in? People from your distant past strangely remember you on that exact day, in that exact minute. Every delightful telemarketer rings you up to sell you their wonderful product. Every person in the entire world who is dialing a number somehow gets it wrong and the combination forms your number!

--Isn’t it strange how you can never notice the actual second during which you fall asleep; nor can you schedule it either?

--Isn’t it strange how it is always better to gain than to lose, except when it comes to weight and stress? Nobody seems to want them…

--Isn’t it strange how love, a supposedly real, mutual phenomenon, or act, or feeling, or call it whatever you want, could be so one-sided? You could be madly in love with your one and only, while on the other hand, that one and only does not seem to notice your presence!

--Isn’t it strange how some plastic water containers, you know the ones that feed water coolers, have a warning label on them that actually asks the consumer to store them in some dry place away from humidity? Excuse me, but…what’s more humid than water?!?!

--Isn’t it strange how messed up children are when it comes to bed and going to sleep? They never seem to want to go to bed, but then again they don’t want to wake up and get out of it either…Make up your mind!

--Isn’t it strange how you never see feet whiffing flowers in the park or a nose marathon? And the reason of it escapes me. In English, the rules clearly allow the use of “a nose is running” and “feet smell”!! Someone is missing an opportunity…

--Isn’t it strange how while driving, when a car cuts you off, most of the times you can see a scratch, a small or a huge dent, a broken light, etc. on that same side heading recklessly towards you? Some people never learn, do they?

--Isn’t it strange how the people who their work requires them to spend most of their time driving are usually the worst drivers?

--Isn’t it strange how every artist keeps saying that art is being degraded, that it’s not as good as it used to be before, but never assumes any responsibility for it? OK wait a minute, so if you’re not to blame, and you’re not to blame, and you definitely are not to blame, then who is??!! Is art intentionally doing this to itself? Could it perhaps be self-destructive?

--Isn’t it strange how without the crack and asshole, an ass would just be another continuation of your back? Kinda takes the negativity out of calling someone an asshole doesn’t it? Don’t go checking those mirrors now!!

--Isn’t it strange how one can never see himself/herself blinking both eyes in the mirror?

--Isn’t it strange how one can never touch his/her right armpit to his/her left armpit?

--Isn’t it strange how one can never eat his/her own head?

--Isn’t it strange how the above 3 points just proved that some things are actually impossible and that the cute phrase “Even Impossible says I’m Possible” is actually extremely irritating and horribly annoying?

--Isn’t it strange how many strange things you could notice if you really paid attention to your surroundings?

Not really, that’s very normal…

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