Saturday, October 30, 2010

Things Not To Be Proud Of

--Knowing someone big and famous
--Not being able to describe yourself without mentioning what you do for a living
--Claiming you would do anything for money
--Having a bodyguard
--Not having anyone who hates you
--Being born with a nationality
--Being on a hospital’s “Preferred Customers” list
--Being on a mechanic’s “Preferred Customers” list
--Electing the same politician that was screwing you last night
--Not being able to discuss anything outside politics
--Repeating something you heard or read somewhere and claiming it as your own opinion
--Following someone you think is a leader blindly
--Accepting the general opinion as ultimate truth
--Needing public announcements to tell you that a crossing bridge is made for crossing highways
--Needing a policeman at each intersection to help the traffic lights control the traffic
--Having the TV as your sole source of information
--Choosing the lesser of two evils while you could go for the good with a little bit of effort
--Thinking you’re important because you own expensive things
--Having the need to hear yourself talking all the time
--Having to wait for me to publish this list to notice its contents

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bothered But That Does Not Matter

- Does it bother you that most people can communicate only through lies?
- Does it bother you that most people prefer to hear lies over the truth, even when talking to themselves?
- Does it bother you that we as humans live and breathe through communicating and yet still have not mastered this art?
- Does it bother you that the speakers in the name of this god that supposedly created us with love are the ones behind our own demise as civilized beings?
- Does it bother you that being bothered is a virtual intangible thing?
- Does it bother you that you spend most of your time doing stuff that do not matter?
- Does it bother you that all that I have said so far does not matter?

- Does it matter to know that we have polluted space?
- Does it matter to come up with the perfect plan to clean space up when we still have not come up with a plan to care for one another?
- Does it matter to be able to draw up on 5500 years (roughly) on written thoughts and history when these surviving documents have been written only by the survivors?
- Does it matter if god created man to his image or man created god to his image when the events of every day would still be the same either way?
- Does it matter to people I do not know if they heard of my death?
- Does it matter if I made all these remarks and still did not want to do anything about them?
- Does it matter if I used the religiously inflated number "7" in both sets of questions?

Probably not...

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