Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trivial Facts

1- Everybody knows somebody who owns a printer.

2- In every scene in every movie you have seen, a camera was involved.

3- You cannot wear pants without lifting two feet off the ground.

4- Lying down is really nothing more than standing up horizontally.

5- Everyday is someone’s birthday.

6- Running is really nothing more than alternating small leaps between your legs.

7- If you have never spoken to strangers just like your parents wanted, you would have never had any friends.

8- God is an atheist.

9- In Bulgaria, Bulgarian cheese is simply called “cheese”.

10- Right in this moment, somewhere in the world, the hour is approaching midnight.

11- A company can refuse an employee’s resignation, but an employee cannot refuse a company’s firing decision.

12- When it comes to tomorrow, today is yesterday.

13- You cannot maintain the state of being free from desire without having the desire to do so.

14- By the time you got to this point, several children have been raped all over the world. And right now, as you sit here comfortably contemplating this thought, another one is being raped...anally!

15- A work of fiction that outlives the civilization that brought it to life becomes documented fact to other civilizations.

16- The dead will always outnumber the living.

1 comment:

  1. you got some deep facts in the end, eventhough the first ones were absurd...


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