Monday, March 21, 2011

If Slogans Were Honest

This is what I think some of our renowned slogans would say if the companies behind them were a tad honest:

--Johnny Walker*: Let’s see you try and Keep Walking after you’ve had a couple of drinks.

--Crapaway*: Come As You Are…unless you’re naked and/or do not have any money. But if you do come by all means and leave with a lot less money and dissatisfied taste buds.

--Nike: Just Do It! Buy the freaking shoe already! We have worked hard and our name alone sells and we are frankly tired of making ads but this is necessary to avoid taxes.

--Geox Breathes…until you put your stinky feet inside it!

--MacDonalds*: With every bite an artery clogs, I’m Lovin It!

--Exotika*: We honestly don’t know what we’re doing anymore…we had really great ads, they were very creative; we fired someone and now we’re living off yesterday’s glory. One thing is for sure, our plants are still overpriced!

--Ahli Bank: You Own The Power…and we own you so we actually own the power. Now pay up!

--Cadburry: A Glass And A Half Full of Joy…followed by an hour and a half full of guilt.

--Chivaz*: Live With Chivalry…and possibly a malfunctioning liver.

--LG: Life’s Good…when you buy our products; when you don’t, not so much! In fact it becomes really crappy.

--Ellina (Lingerie): Reveal Your Identity…actually, this is quite honest; never mind!

*Spell it correctly and they pull a Benihana on your ass >:D


  1. hahahahahahaha I LOVE IT :)

  2. Thank u chicas :)

    Keen observation Ms. nightS

  3. i love it, it is true, especially about the ExotiKa one. They have really gone down. I cant think of any company that i wait to see their ads anymore.

    and, i didnt get, what is the twist in LG's slogan?

    and for johnny walker, the slogan is a motivational one. it is that you should drink, but should be only able to keep walking :P

  4. :)

    Regarding LG, look closely and if u don't get it look closelier...


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