Monday, March 28, 2011

Seriously, Cut It Out - Part II

--Not every single one of you that has the trifle of something that resembles a talent has to feel obliged to share it with the world. If your mother thinks you’re good this doesn’t make you good. Most of you really do not qualify for mediocrity (I wanted to say monkey feces, but the better me wouldn’t allow it). Sharing is not always caring. Sometimes it is annoying people to death with your unsophisticated “experimental” crap and then pressuring them into saying they like it just because you’re an insecure whore who needs the approval of strangers just to feel your existence is useful. You’re not inspiring anyone, you’re not aiding Earth’s rotation; in fact you’re probably making it heavier. You’re worse than the people who feel the need to leave a strong impression on every person they meet so they won’t forget about them. Actually, you may be one and the same. Seriously, cut it out.

--It equally amazes and sickens me (taking me back to feeling neutral) how many groups and organizations there are fighting for the rights of separate entities in this country when we still do not even have a system that works. Gay rights, women rights, grandmother rights, foreign maids rights, freedom for the people of whatever retarded Arabic/African country is under the spotlight, breast cancer, lung cancer, children cancer, people who have AIDS, people who do not have AIDS but are willing to get it, shemales with one testicle. Here’s an idea, why don’t you all gather your genius brains, appoint a meeting, and work on a strategy that works for everyone. I’ll even give you the moto: “We believe that everyone is equal and we should all have the same rights”. Go ahead use it, all it takes is one meeting and we can all move on with our lives. You can even say it was your idea; just spare me your boredom-induced causes and leave me alone. Seriously, cut it out.

--What are you people thinking when you declare to the world that you love a person? You’re so full of it you can’t even contain it anymore? Who cares? No one will ever feel happier for you than they can for themselves. Even when they wish you all the best, they secretly want it for themselves. Keep your happiness to yourselves. You’re not helping anyone, you’re just making them feel bad and all that negative energy cannot be good for you. Seriously, cut it out.

--All you ghosts who haunt houses must be the dumbest of all creations. Why in hell do you need a house? You have no fucking physical form! Do you know what that means? No more boundaries! You’re free! You can probably flow effortlessly breaking the rules of space and time and what do you do? You say “nooo I’m gonna stick around here inside this house on the hill and scare the people who come in; have you seen the view from up there it’s a killer!” You make me sick! Seriously, cut it out!



  2. But i love that ghost that fights for gay African foreign maids -_- who happens to play the ukelele


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