Monday, April 11, 2011

Answer: Unknown - Part II

--Why do they tell us “You are what you eat?” and then forbid eating humans? What ever happened to consistency? Stick to your word for once! What am I now? A lettuce? A tomato? A cow? A horse (yes I have eaten those and their meat is succulent!)?

--Why is everybody always in a hurry in this country? Everybody’s driving recklessly, insulting all those who stand in the way, wanting their things done immediately. Where are they going so hastily all the time yet achieving nothing on the scale of the planet? Shouldn’t a hardworking population with superior intelligence change the course of how things are run on Earth? Name one indispensible thing that this genius of a country has offered to the world…Can’t do it, can you?

--What is self-esteem and who is this insecure, deranged person that came up with this concept? “Oh man, I don’t know what to do with myself, there’s too much time on my hand and I can do whatever I want. But no, I’m too grumpy and this world is too big and there are too many harmless things, but somehow they scare me… I know! Let’s have a concept that is intangible and can only be attained by going through a series of ineffective, ephemeral, pointless events that can allow me to own a bunch of things that illogically make me feel good about myself. I will need to invent stuff and ideas and religions to make other people scared and feel inferior to me. Sure I can skip all this and feel good about myself now and move on, but that would be too consistent and worthy of a more advanced species.”

--Why is it that when someone is abroad everybody asks them when they are coming and as soon as they arrive they ask them when they are leaving? Make up your mind, do you want them to come or go?

--Why does every neighborhood in this country have one man, usually in his forties, that takes it upon himself to water the street? We all have this type, you see him waiting anxiously for the summer just to run down to the street in his undershirt, carry a hose and start spraying water everywhere and waving happily to the passersby. Fascinating…

--Why do old people always mention the names of the people who were with them during the events of the story they are telling? 

--Why do people feel proud whenever someone compliments their clothes? What achievement have you done during the process of bringing these clothes to the world that made you feel proud? You didn’t design them, did you? No. Sown them? No. Admit it, you only had the money to buy them and you’re just an idiot who seeks attention, too much of it for that matter…

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