Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Answer: Unknown - Part III

--Why is it that when any form of liquid comes out of a wall it is leakage, but when it’s from a statue it’s a miracle?

--Why is there a sport like ski jumping? Who saw this potential? Who was this bored and decided that normal skiing is no longer satisfying and felt the need to throw himself (it had to be a guy of course) off a cliff while wearing his skis and most importantly had the required amount of stupidity to keep trying (because we all know that he didn’t land on his feet from the first try) until it worked?

--Why are Syrian street (or highway) vendors so many and on what market study do they base their products? What do I need with a gigantic lighter that doesn’t fit inside my car let alone my pocket? Is it designed specifically to set people who wear cowboy hats on fire before giving them a clean shave?

--Why is nudity illegal? How can the most natural form of being be illegal? What fat pig is in charge of running things? We need to have a word…

--Why are objects in the mirror always closer than they appear? We have enough technology to enable us to understand the inner workings of microscopic beings but we still can’t invent a car mirror that’s accurate on distance?

--Why are Sanita’s Gipsy “Long Lasting Toilet Tissues”? I can understand the emphasis on softness levels so they won’t scratch; thickness levels so they won’t rip and cause “accidents”, but durability? Who cares about them being long lasting? In fact the longer lasting they are the longer lasting the evidence is. I think we would prefer it if they dissolved as soon as we’re through with them, right?


  1. Hehehe... how do you come up with these "whys"... Great fun to read and they make you think, ehhh :-)

  2. Why do I feel like there's going to be a Part IV? ;)


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