Monday, May 30, 2011

Life as We Love It...or Hate It - Part III

--Don’t you love it how when in advertising you see or hear “etc.”; “among others”; “and many more” you immediately know that this is all bullshit and there is nothing more?

--Don’t you hate it how you never realized how much tongue usage there is in pronouncing the letter N until now? You do, admit it!          OK OK stop trying it now and keep reading!  

--Don’t you love it how humans love and praise other humans only when they die? Of course! When one dies he/she can no longer compete with the living so he/she becomes loved. Could it be that they feel some sort of compassion stemming from a hidden pride? “We killed the poor guy, he was an excellent fellow but you know we always were stronger than him it was bound to happen one day…”

--Don’t you hate it how when someone wants something from you or they want to deliver good news they call you on the phone, or come visit you or take you out, but whenever there is bad news or the answer is no they send it by sms or email? Why is that? One needs human support during negative times and not positive ones. If you take someone out to lunch to tell them that you are going to fulfill their lifelong dream of buying a new ironing board they would be ecstatic of course, but this would qualify as excessive positivity. Unneeded! Whereas if you go visit some friend with a cheesecake to tell him/her that his/her father died, he/she would say: “OK this is a crappy situation, but hey at least my taste buds are thrilled!”

--Don’t you love the highly elevated level of creativity in the Arab world? Consider the following: they couldn’t even find 12 names for the 12 months so they repeated 2 of them but with a wonderful twist: they added a number!!! You know… I’m not even going to comment on this…


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