Monday, June 13, 2011

Guest Life as We Love It...Or Hate It

Guest Post by Fadi Bitar 

- Don't you hate it how the only way you'll get your girlfriend to give you an honest opinion about another girl, is only AFTER you've specifically told your girlfriend that she is waaaay hotter than that other girl you're asking about?

- Men, don't you love it when a woman calls you.. "modern" ? A modern man is one that can cook, clean, dress himself, and is also possibly in touch with his feminine side. A modern man is also a man: He can light up a BBQ, take care of the house, and have enough testosterone to go around. By that same logic, modern women should know how to change the oil on a car, rewire the house's electricity and handle power tools, and make a good lasagna in time for dinner (when it's their turn to cook). And yet, they don't. Most of them don't even know their way around the kitchen or the garage.  It's a good thing we have malls really..

- Men (again), don't you love it how when a relationship starts becoming serious, you get so excited when you see your girl for the first time in sweat pants, her hair in a ponytail and wearing no makeup whatsoever ? It feels like you're seeing her like nobody else has the privilege to, and it feels good for some strange reason. A few more months into the relationship she gets more comfortable around you and you start seeing more of her comfy side, up to the point where "foreplay" becomes braiding the hair on her legs, and all you can think of is "Can we please keep SOME mystery in this relationship ?!"

- And finally, don't you love the word "Selfish" ? Nobody tells you this, but it's actually a compliment. I read it like this: Self-ish ! You're not selfless mother Teresa, but you're not full of yourself (that would be.. self-ful ?) either. You're Self-ish, and therefore your amount of concern with yourself is.. just right.


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