Monday, June 6, 2011

Life as We Love It...or Hate It - Part IV

--Don’t you hate it how if I asked you right now “which hand do you use to turn the key when you open the door at home?” you wouldn’t be able to answer me without trying it? Automatic behavior! 

--Don’t you love it how when you see a fatal car accident while driving you immediately slow down, say to yourself “I shouldn’t drive fast or I’ll end up like that” then after a minute or so you find yourself speeding towards the sunset once more?

--Don’t you hate it how you find yourself sometimes repeatedly refreshing your Facebook or Twitter homepage or clicking on Profile and then on Home again and again in the hope that some new info would pop up? How pathetic is this? Get a life! Go read a book or something; whatever, just do something that develops you and helps you become slightly better. Take a nap for all I care but close this damn window!

--Don’t you love it how nobody knows what the hell they’re doing or what life is all about and yet we all keep giving out advice left and right (just like I did in the paragraph right before this one)? Could this be the reason why we’re so lost? We keep listening to whoever has anything to say? I mean life is not really that complicated, do we really need a guidebook for every step we make? You wake up, take a crap, eat, go spend your day doing something useless in order to earn a few colored papers that enable you to buy stuff you don’t need but let you bullshit your way around people so you appear important, superior, and more evolved, take another crap, eat again, get laid if you’re lucky and then go to bed in order to start that same shit all over again the next day...unless that rare thing called death occurred… That, ladies and gentlemen, needs no instructions whatsoever! So enjoy your futility while you can, others are waiting in line...  

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  1. don't you hate that i need to close this damn window before i even finish reading your post? #grrr


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