Monday, June 27, 2011

Pointers On Handling Man's Best Friend

1-      Naming it is mandatory.

2-      Play with it as often as possible.

3-      Never underestimate or overestimate its capabilities based on its size.

4-      Avoid exposing it to cold temperatures, unless it’s a husky one.

5-      Avoid leaving it in water for extended periods of time; it will tend to look smaller than it really is.

6-      Drool on it, it may drool on you.

7-      Not picking up what it drops and throwing it away might give birth to a sticky situation. Expect a lot of shit on the road.

8-      The tip of its front is the most sensitive part in its body. 

9-      Never, ever, under any circumstance, show your teeth when it’s near!

10-  When there’s a bone, it’s usually excited. Licking the bone makes it even more excited.

11-  Unless trained otherwise, it will get extremely agitated at the sight of a pussy and will do what it takes to get to it. 

12-  Always go to where it points.

13-  It likes humping so…let it hump! 


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