Monday, July 25, 2011

It Always Is...

I’m sure that all people, except for those that are the subject of this study and those too ignorant to care, have at some point sought to find the answer to one or two or all of the following questions: 

--Why were black men enslaved by the whites and treated (still are) so badly and why are Asians such hard workers? 

--Why did man invent bullets and missiles that enable him to declare war and invade other countries and what was the reason behind their design in such way? 

--Why did man work so hard to penetrate and dominate space with rocket ships?

--Why did man choose the method of drilling Mother Earth and ravaging it to get it to spray oil all over?

--Why did man domesticate, tame, and hasten the extinction of the most virile animals? 

--Why did man invent and buy fast and expensive sports cars, loud motorcycles, and huge trucks?

--Why do countries participate in the everlasting competition of erecting the highest tower ever?

--Why are most men loud, obnoxious, and pissed off all of the time and why is it, when they are in night clubs and discos they flaunt and compete in opening the highest number of expensive champagne bottles? 

The answer to all these questions and many more regarding the erratic behavior of this gender is one. In fact it is one word: 


Men are insecure about the size of their penises and they cannot stop thinking about it night and day so they seek to divert the attention away from the actual organ and try to symbolize the enormity of its size with whatever they can lay their hands on. Have you ever seen or heard white rappers and white blues musicians? I mean, JEEZ!!! 

But you know, I blame the women… They have known and abused this tiny piece of information since the dawn of time. They have used it to manipulate men and it has reached a point where it got out of their hands… Most women have become dissatisfied most of the time and gone seeking pleasure in the materialistic world.

So ladies, I come to you with a favor to ask.

Can you please lower your standards…again? I implore you to take a moment to think about the fate of this planet. I know that in some rare cases, size does matter, but can you please not mention it? Take care of your men; pencil dicks get offended very easily… And, if you really care about world peace as much as you claim you do in beauty pageants, do not ever; under any circumstance ask that 6-letter question that could ruin a man forever: 

Is it in?



  1. Oh God hahahahahahahaha i started reading this expecting smthg huge and scientific hahaha! i should have known better and lowered my standards:p not that this isn't scientific, i think u have a nice theory here with a huge potential :p keep them coming salbe :)

  2. i have a similar theory that im not planning to develop.
    it says that the larger and louder a man's car is, the smaller his penis is
    he always tries to compensate.

  3. .. or men, if she does ask that wicked question, don't take it personally, it could be that she is so wide that even a truck would fit in there.

    Well.. keep telling yourself that :)
    Cheers !

  4. Are you sending a personnal message Julz?? :P
    My dearest cousin, please note that even us women have size issues:
    Men, stop trying to guess if they're real or fake, shut up & Enjoy them!!


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