Monday, July 4, 2011

Questions That Keep Me From Sleeping

--If I say to a hermaphrodite “Go screw yourself”, is it considered an insult?

--If I was having a conversation with a blind person and that person understood my point of view, can he/she say “I see”? And if he/she can and did, would that be considered a lie? 

--If I equally rejected and did not believe in neither God nor the Devil, which of them would claim my soul if that thing existed? Would it still exist? Would I have found the secret to eternal earthly existence?  

--If, instead of being crucified, Jesus was decapitated and had his body cut to pieces and each piece was burnt separately, what would the sign of Christianity be? Would the faithful chop off their heads and throw out bursting limbs each time they pray? Would they wear “decapitixes” around their necks? 

--If the thought of an impure act is still counted as a sin, would the thought of a pure one be counted as an act of kindness?

--If I made a cutting joke (or a thousand) about Islam, how long would it take for me to get killed? 

--If someone was allergic to allergy medication, what would be the cure? 

--If you had a baby born in a soundproof room that has nothing but a piano in it and left that baby there to grow up all alone (food of course will be provided but with no human contact nor noise whatsoever) will that baby become a musician?

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