Monday, August 1, 2011

More Questions That Keep Me From Sleeping

--If a penguin had dreams other than working as a waiter in a fine dining restaurant, would its family understand and let it pursue them?
--If a chameleon was color-blind, how would it know if it was changing to the color that suits the right mood?

--If a girl named Batoul (Arabic for Virgin or Pure) had sex, would her name change? What would it become if it did? Is that what a conditional name is? Like Said (Happy) or Jamil (Pretty)?

--If a homeless person had a Facebook or Twitter account or whatever online social network, what would his/her homepage be called?

--If a tree fell in the forest and there was no one around to hear it but a guy and that tree happened to fall on his head and killed him instantly, would that tree make a sound?

--If I had a certain supermarket’s fidelity card and I shopped at another supermarket, would I be cheating? Would they give me an infidelity card the next time I visit them?

--If I told someone “I knew you were ahead of your time!”, would I be ahead of their time?

--If there was a glass that had some HIV positive blood in it, how would an optimist see that glass? Half full or half empty?  

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