Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tips For Making The World A Better Place - Part Dos

--Take care of your health; it’s the most important thing you can have. It is very important that you die healthy. Keeps those know-it-all scientists baffled.

--In order to lead a healthier life, it is very crucial that you discharge at least 2 liters of pee per day; preferably through the designated orifice…

--Instead of spending millions on training astronauts and millions on managing prisons, send the prisoners to space. Give them 2 options: either they consent and do us all some good or they die there because you are going to shoot them upwards in any case.
But what do we do with the empty prisons you ask? Easy, lock the homeless people which now include ex-astronauts there and just leave them unattended because frankly you did not really care about them before and why should you start now? At least they have a roof over their heads now and your streets are cleaner.

--In order to reduce grief and suffering, when you murder someone, murder all their loved ones as well. If your conscience tortures you, you can always put a bullet in your forehead…

--If you got crabs, cook and eat them; just don’t give them to anyone!

--Men, never ever under any circumstance wear pants with a zipper and go commando. This also applies to women with oversized clitorises…

--Instead of fighting to end sexual harassment, educate people to sexually harass in moderation; this keeps everybody happy…

--Don’t hate the gays; love the gays. By cancelling each other out, they’re doing you more good than you can imagine. Too vague? Allow me to explain: if you have 3 men and 3 women and 2 of these men are gay this leaves the remaining man with 3 women. It's like gays do not even exist! Less competition!!
And if the idea of gay sex still repulses you, just don’t imagine a smooth-chested guy down on all four while another hairy guy lubes his asshole and inserts his fully erect penis inside him. And do not by any means imagine them spooning afterwards…
As for lesbians, well, who am I kidding, everybody loves a lesbian...or two!

You've done all this and feel that you could give more? Well here are more ways!  


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