Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Your Daily Horoscopes

Here are your horoscopes for today, tomorrow, and the rest of your lives:

--Aries: Today you will refuse to admit that you made a mistake because you didn’t, everyone is wrong, you’re right

--Taurus: Today you will do whatever it takes to be the center of attention, again! These people all have ADD!

--Gemini: Out of boredom, you will convince yourself to work within a team today, but yourselves will team up against you and refuse to do it

--Cancer: Nobody understands you, whatever!!! Hug?

--Leo: Today more and more people will be fascinated by you and they cannot help but bow down to you. You are AMAZING!

--Virgo: Once again today you will be dressed to kill and your intellect will improve by a 100 just when people thought there wasn’t any more room for it!

--Libra: Today your attempts to please everyone in the whole world at once will fail…again. We still love you though. Go paint something, if you can decide what…

--Scorpio: As you are very well aware, this information cannot be disclosed in public. Hush! You sexy sexy thing

--Sagittarius: You will disagree with someone silent today because silence is not a philosophically-accepted argument and you’re simply awesome!

--Capricorn: Today you will organize your people criticism files by alphabetical order and then you will proceed to count your money

--Aquarius: You will keep thinking today that you know everything about everything. What are we saying, of course you do! Please guide us!

--Pisces: You will go out to buy a new bottle today to allow you to store all those emotions you experienced just by waking up

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