Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Importance of Being Penis

Most women complain how they cannot find a sensitive man that can immediately discern their mood – as if they can – and nurture their emotional need for constant hugging and answers to questions that basically don’t mean anything and are usually asked the second you lay your head on the pillow. 

They also make fun of the special relationship that exists between a man and his penis and how the latter makes practically all the decisions, but what they don’t do is admit that if a man has a broken penis, you know, a limp penis that can’t even stand straight with a crotch crutch, they would dump him without even thinking twice. They never mention this, do they? Hell, the inability of a man to perform in the bedroom can eventually be held against him in the courtroom and is considered a legal basis for divorce! A penis is the only broken organ in the body that can do that; a dead brain doesn’t get you a divorce, a broken leg doesn’t either, you don’t see many women going: “Your honor, I want a divorce, he doesn’t run marathons with me and I’ve just had it with this life!”

So ladies, if you want a man that can only hug you all the time, go get yourself a gay friend, if you want a man that can poke you in your special region, stop poking at him, you don’t know how much nurturing a penis needs, he needs to hear kind words and to be caressed constantly so quit your whining and give us a hand down there!

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