Sunday, December 21, 2014

I'm On a Diet

I don’t eat this it’s too salty
I don’t eat that it’s too sweet
I don’t eat this it has poultry
I don’t eat that it has meat

Does this contain Gluten?
Oh no can’t touch that dish
It’s wrong to eat animal feelings
And I usually don’t like fish

Vegetables get me bloated
I can’t eat too much fruit
I don’t drink a lot of water
Or I can’t button up my suit

I’m allergic to nuts
I’m allergic to skin
I threw up my guts
I tied my intestine
I don’t eat this
I don’t eat that
I don’t eat anything with fat
I don’t drink
I don’t smoke
Coz I think I’m going to choke

You know what?
If only it were Bio
I’d try to eat shit
But judging by this poem
I’m already full of it!  

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